Stone Mastic Asphalt is characterised by its high stone content which forms a gap-graded skeleton-like stone structure. The voids of the structural matrix are filled with high viscosity bituminous mastic. The high stone content of at least 70% ensures stone-on-stone contact after compaction.

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The effect of flax of bamboo on the estimation of stone matrix asphalt (SMA)using SLAG as aggregate Study and investigation On Utilization OF FLY ASH, MARBLE DUST AND STONE DUST IN OPC CONCRETE Authors: Tarun Chauhan AN EXPERIMENTAL STUDY OF CHARACTERIZATION OF LIME ACTIVATED FLYASH Authors: Gaurav Prajapati, Samrendra Kumar

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ix INTRODUCTION This Thirty-Fourth Edition of Transportation Materials is published in two parts. Part 1 contains specifications for materials, and Part 2 includes methods of testing and specifications for testing equipment.


Jan 28,  · SUBJECT: Use of Fly Ash in Stone Matrix Asphalt (SMA) Bidders are hereby advised that it is not the intent of the Department to disallow the use of fly ash in Stone Matrix Asphalt (SMA). Therefore, the last sentence of of Subsection 703.06.1.2 on page 614 in the 2004 Mississippi Standard Specifications that reads “Fly ash shall not be used in

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A New Solidification Technology Of Municipal Solid Waste Incineration Fly Ash And Its Application In Asphalt Mixture Lu Liang-zhi1,2,a Sun Jia-ying2,b Yang Yi-fan1,2,c Jiang Ying-bo2 1 Department of Civil Engineering, Shanghai University, Shanghai 200072, China; 2 School of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Ningbo Institute of Technology, Zhejiang University,

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Stone matrix asphalt (SMA) is a gap-graded mix which contains a high concentration of coarse aggregate, thereby maximizing stone-to-stone contact in the mix and providing an efficient network for load distribution. The coarse aggregate particles are held together by a rich matrix of mineral filler, fiber, and polymer in a thick asphalt film.

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Stone matrix asphalt (SMA) was developed in Germany in the mid 1960 and it has been used very successfully by many countries including US as a highly rut-resistant bituminous course, both for binder (intermediate) and wearing course for heavy traffic roads. Portland cement, fly ash, and lime, are added to obtain ail improved base. The four


The importance of this study is driven by asphalt mixture economics since the in-place cost of stone matrix asphalt (SMA) mixtures ranges from 20 to 80% higher than conventional dense-graded mixes. The production of SMA aggregate alone is believed to cost approximately twice that of conventional aggregate production.

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Stone Matrix Asphalt or SMA mixtures are typically used as a surface mix or intermediate layer in the pavement structure on high volume (or high demand) roadways. The standard SMA mixture contains PG 76-22 and fibers, and is recommended for the vast majority of applications where SMA is used or desired and when placed as an overlay on a


2.3. Stone Aggregate. Crushed quartz-latite stone aggregate was used in this study. e particle size distribution and physical properties of the stone aggregate fractions are shown in Figure 2 and Table 5, respectively. 2.4.Bitumen. e basic properties of bitumen B 50/70, used in this study, are shown in Table 6. 2.5. Asphalt Mixtures.

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On the other hand, stone matrix asphalt is a gap-graded mix with 75-80% coarse aggregate, 20-25% fine aggregate, 9-13% filler, and higher amount of bitumen content (Bose et al. 2006). Due to rapid the growth of different coal-based thermal power plants, the production of fly ash as a waste by-product is sharply increasing day by day in India.

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Jun 04,  · Revisions To Specification Section 353 - Concrete Pavement Slab Replacement. On-going Projects. 19-15. 234, 330, 334, 337, 339. Elimination Arithmetic Mean. Active projects if no asphalt has been placed on the project. 16-15. 102-9.1. Removal of the Requirement for Endorsements.

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460.2.4.3 Stone Matrix Asphalt Stabilizer (1) Add a cellulose fiber stabilizing additive to SMA mixtures according to the dosage rate specified in AASHTO M 325. Feed the stabilizing additive through a separate system that uniformly proportions the required amount of stabilizer. Ensure that the system has low-level and no-flow indicators and is

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Filler in stone Mastic asphalt Chavan Kaustubh Ramesh* 1, Pujari Pushpanjali Vijay. 2, Bhaskar Vivek. 3 the main objective is to compare the results obtained by using fillers like Stone dust, Portland cement, Fly ash with It increases stiffness of asphalt& mortar matrix.

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Modification of Stone Matrix Asphalt with Nano-SiO2 MojtabaGhasemia, Seyed Morteza Marandia,b,*, Majid Tahmooresib, Reza Jalal kamalia, Reza Taherzadec Asphalt is an organic mixture that is widely used in road pavements because of its good viscoelastic properties [1]. Unfortunately, asphalt becomes brittle and liquid at lower and higher