waterstop on inside & outside face of all puddle flanges. 4.all wall penetrations shall be via concrete blockout with water proofing as per note 3. 5.where construction joints are required, provide 'hydrotite' or similar approved hydrophilic waterstop. 6.spacing between pumps and clearance between pump & finished floor shall be in accordance

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HYDRO-FLEX® Waterstop by Henry Company Health Product Declaration v2.1.1 created via: HPDC Online Builder CLASSIFICATION: 07 13 26.00 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: HYDRO-FLEX® WATERSTOP is a preformed adhesive hydrophilic waterstop designed to swell in the presence of water, providing a watertight seal in cold joints on concrete structures.

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Forming grooves in the concrete surface - top, bottom or both - makes another The waterstops can be hydrophilic or impervious PVC strips which are cast into the concrete kind of contraction joint to induce cracks to form along at the joints to prevent the passage of water. predetermined planes of weakness.

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Epoxy Grouting . Epoxy grout is the king of grouts and Le Fong is the leader in installation. It is the most bulletproof grout available and the benefits are amazing. Initially it was heavily used in commercial and industrial applications due to its great features, however, over the past few years it has gained a lot of popularity in the domestic sector.

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SikaFuko® VT 1 and VT 2 are injectable hose systems, with unique integral valves. They are designed and proven to seal and, where required, reseal construction joints in watertight structures against water and salt water ingress. The hoses consist of a perforated inner, PVC core, profiled neoprene rubber flanges, both contained within a polyester mesh.

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HDBR Waterbar is a green Elastomeric Hydrophilic strip made of natural sodium bentonite clay and synthetic rubber designed for the integral sealing of construction joints in cast-in place concrete. HDBR Waterbar expands up to 400% of its original dry volume on contact with water to form a positive seal.

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Background The Hotel Bellwether was constructed near the Pacific coast in Bellingham, Washington. Three floors of hotel space, a restaurant, a lounge, and a below grade parking structure were included in the design. Because of its proximity to the ocean and water table, water proofing products were needed that are capable of withstanding strong hydrostatic pressure as

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MasterSeal 910 / MasterSeal 911. Hydrophobic, water swelling waterbar for all types of construction joints, applied with with a modified silicone, hybrid adhesive. Modified vinyl polymers which swell and fill even small crevices to block the passage of water. Simple to install, they offer an economic, yet effective alternative to PVC waterstops.

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For cracks, fractures, holes, joints, or even improperly consolidated areas, AKWASEAL is your most reliable barrier against water, preventing water ingress for a variety of materials, including concrete, clay, tile, wood, stone, mortar, and brick.

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Butyl rubber waterstop is a type of hydrophilic water sealing product to prevent any passage of water through non-moving construction joints. Composed of quality butyl rubber and mastic or expansible clay, when exposed to water, the waterstop swells and forms a permanent compression seal in non-moving concrete construction joints.

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SikaSwell S-2 SikaSwell P Profile PVC Waterstop High Performance Joint Sealing System for Expansion Joint SikaTop Seal 107. SikaGrout Sikalastic -450. Roofing System. Sika AnchorFix -2 SikaTop -Seal 107 Sika Hydrophobic Impregnation. Sika Swell-S2. Sikaflex Construction(AP) SikaBond T55 (J) Sikaflex PRO3WF Sikafloor DecoFloor

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Crystalline hydrophobic waterproofing admixture. TDS. Add to cart. VELOSIT CA 115. Liquid crystalline waterproofing and plasticizing concrete admixture. TDS. Add to cart. VELOSIT CW 111. High strength crystalline . TDS. Add to cart. VELOSIT DB 830. Joint sealing tape . TDS. Add to cart. Swellable thermoplastic waterstop for construction

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An international standard in watertight construction joint sealing. A revolutionary alternative to bentonite waterstops. Hydrophilic waterstop for saline concentrations up to 3%. Waterstop for extremely saline concentrations up to 10%. Waterstops for waterproofing tunnels, dams and other precast constructions.

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A waterstop is an element of a concrete structure, intended to prevent the passages of fluids (such as water) when embedded in and running continuously through concrete joints. Waterstops are grouped in two distinct categories. Waterstops for joints without any movement of the adjoint concrete sections (construction cold joints) and waterstops for joints with movement of the adjoint concrete

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Apr 22,  · A typical “belt and suspenders” approach would be to have an embedded hydrophobic on the high-pressure side of the joint and a hydrophilic or mastic strip-applied waterstop several inches away from it on the low pressure side. An alternative secondary waterstop would be an injection tube system placed on the low pressure side.